6 Aquatic Plants That Will Beautify Your Garden or Pond

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7 years ago
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Aquatic plants are a gentle compliment to any water feature. They bring in color and delight that can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels. A joy to look at, these plants will add a more natural look to your water garden, pond or fountain. 

6 Aquatic Plants That Will Beautify Your Garden or Pond

water hyacinth, aquatic plants, pond plant, water gardensThe water hyacinth is a colorful and delicate aquatic plant. They are an excellent addition to your fountain, pond or water garden. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but they will also help you keep the water clean from the waste of your fish, turtles or ducks. They are also helpful for keeping the temperature of water from rising during hot summers.

canna, orange aquatic plants, aquatic plants, pond plant, water gardensThe ravishing beauty of the canna has made it another largely preferred aquatic plant. They bloom in vibrant and eye-catching colors, which will without a doubt brighten up your pond or water garden. This bog plant will give a striking appearance and character to any water feature.

giant papyrus, dwarf papyrus, green water plants, aquatic plants, pond plant, water gardens

The compact giant papyrus is a unique and beloved aquatic plant. Its exotic looks and expressive elegance easily make it a popular choice for ponds and water gardens. Also known as the dwarf giant papyrus, this sturdy and easy to maintain aquatic plant will help you protect your pond from wind damage.

arrowhead water plants, aquatic plants, pond plant, water gardens

A classic choice for many pond and water garden owners is the arrowhead. This bog plant has distinctive arrow-shaped big leaves and blooms with gentle small flowers. The arrowhead will thrive in almost any condition, and compliment your water feature with its exotic appearance.

yellow flag, water iris, fountain plants,pond plants, fountain decoration, aquatic plants, water gardensThe water iris is an elegant and graceful aquatic plant. Its long stems and elegant flowers will add a touch of magic to your water feature, and bring joy throughout the warm seasons with its unforgettable and colorful blooms. Like most other aquatic plants, the water iris will give a hiding place for your fish in case of predators.

four leaf clover, invasive aquatic plants, aquatic plants, pond plants, water plants, fountain plants, fountain decoration, water gardens
Four Leaf Clover Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The water clover is an aquatic fern that will complement your water feature. This small and gentle four-leaf clover will make a tender green “carpet” on the water surface, giving your fish a place to rest and hide. A few choice clovers will enhance the natural look of your water feature and make your pond or water garden even more elegant.

Aquatic plants offer a dynamic and more natural look to any home. The breathtaking beauty of the aquatic plants is not their only plus, these plants will filter the pond’s water by absorbing metals, ammonium, nitrate, and phosphate, thus keeping your water feature’s condition healthier.

Mr. Fish Los Angeles Aquarium and Pond Services always recommend that you seek consultation in choosing which water plants will be best for your personal water feature. We have a well-maintained aquatic plant garden and we also consult with our clients on best practices.

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