7 Fish You Can Keep in a Pond

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7 years ago
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One of the first things people have to consider when deciding to have a backyard fish pond constructed is the type of fish they want to keep. There’s just so many different types to choose from, and people will often decide by the color, size or something along those lines, but the truth is – not every type of fish can live in a pond. That being said, here are the 7 most popular types of fish you can keep in a pond.

Fish You Can Keep in a Pond

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Koi -also known as Japanese Koi Carp is the most popular pond fish. The main reason for its popularity is its distinctive looks, vibrant colors, and patterns. There are different species of Koi fish and all of them have Japanese names. They have quite a long lifespan of approximately 40 years, meaning they can actually be a part of your family for a while.

  •  Goldfish – Just like Koi, goldfish are among the most popular types of pond fish. They can vary in color and size and have distinctive features. Similarly to Koi, goldfish can live long and happy lives of about 30 years, granted that they live in the right conditions.
  • Shubunkin – The shubunkin is a type of goldfish carp know for its incredible and eye-catching color patterns. Its pearl appearance has made the shubunkin an extremely popular choice for many pond owners. Its lifespan can be as long as 20 or so years.
  •  Golden tench – They are another exceptional candidate for pond waters. The golden tench is also known as the doctor fish, as it helps keep your pond’s water clean. Just like all the other fish on this list, the golden tench vary in color, size, and patterns, and it can live up to 20 years.
  • Sunfish – The freshwater sunfish is a very popular choice, simply because they’re capable of surviving in colder weather. This allows them to survive in climates where most other fish can’t. They also greatly vary in color and patterns, which makes them ideal for pond water.

Rosy Red Minnows – These small fish are considered the ideal type for small pond constructions. These fish are active swimmers with gorgeous color variations and are the perfect choice for ponds that are too small for other fish to thrive in. They adapt quickly and are capable of withstanding colder climates. Rosy red minnows are sometimes used as food for the bigger fish in ponds and aquariums, but they reproduce so fast that it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be left without them swimming around in your pond.

  •  Killifish – These are popular fish for smaller ponds or aquariums. They are a joy to look at – they’re bright and colorful and will swim around the pond in groups to take care of algae.

These are the 7 most popular fish you can keep in a pond. However, before you choose your fish, it’s best to contact your local fish dealer for consultation. We can help you provide your fish with proper living conditions. Pond design and construction are very important factors to consider for your fish’s well-being.

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