Changing Koi Pond Water 101

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Water changes are an important part of keeping your Koi healthy. It is essential in order to maintain and manage excellent water conditions and quality, to do regular water changes and to measure the levels of pH, nitrites, nitrates, ammonia, KH, oxygen, temperature, and salinity.

How often should I change the water in my Koi Pond?

Unless you have problems with the levels of any of the above, the water changes should occur every week. Most Koi Pond owners change about 10% to 20% of the water since it is much less stressful for the Koi and safer for the ecosystem itself.

How do I do a water change in my Koi Pond?

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Most pond owners use pond vacuums, water pumps or siphon- hoses. To keep track of how much water you remove from the pond, use a plastic barrel. You can dispose of the water by watering your garden or the potted pond plants.

The new water you put in the pond should be treated (dechlorinated) tap water. To avoid dangerous temperature swings slowly pump it in the pond. However, if you have never done this before, you may want to contact your local pond maintenance services for a consultation.