How to Oxygenate Your Fish Pond?

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Why do you need to Aerate your Fish Pond? The most important element of life is Oxygen. Everything revolves around it. Aquatic systems are no different. Every fish pond, water garden or lake need Oxygen. All aquatic life – fish, plants and bacteria need oxygen to survive. However, isolated water systems like lakes, ponds, and aquariums gain their oxygen in two ways. Having sufficing levels of oxygen in your Fish Pond will improve your fish’s health and reduce the algae growth.

How to Oxygenate Your Fish Pond?


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Photosynthesis. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Through photosynthesis, the plants in the water produce oxygen. However, photosynthesis is inconsistent and will not provide enough oxygen for a highly populated fish water feature. At night all the oxygen is consumed by both plants and fish alike. Thus most artificial water features need additional oxygen to maintain the developed ecosystem and to keep it clean and inhabitable.


pond aeration, pond oxygenation, koi pond, pond maintenance, water pupms, air pumps, pond pumpsThe second way an isolated water feature gains its oxygen is when atmospheric oxygen is transferred into the surface of the water, creating a dynamic and circulating aeration. Waterfalls, streams, and fountains are usually built with that exact idea.

How does the Water Aeration System work?

air pump, air kit, pond aeration, pond pumps, pond store, pond supply, koi pond, pond maintenanceThe pond aeration system works in a rather simple way. It lifts air from the bottom of the water feature up to the surface of the water. The created air bubble column reaches the surface and burst. This supplemental aeration of an air pump will create water circulation, which will “breathe” around 20% oxygen into your aquatic feature. In the winter an aeration pump will also act like a de-icer, saving the lives of your fish.