How to Protect The Pond From Predators That Eat Your Fish

You have probably asked yourself what are the predators that could potentially endanger your fish. The following are predators that you should look out for to keep your fish safe.

Pond Predators – Birds

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Among the most dangerous pond predators that lurk around are Herons. These beautiful and admired birds, the Herons or Kingfishers are an enemy to every fish pond. Their diet includes all kind of aquatic creatures, which easily makes them our number one Pond Predator. Their main food sources are fish, reptiles, crustaceans, amphibians, and mollusks.

How do you keep your fish safe from the Heron’s beaks?


The pond protection plan from feathered creatures is similar to that used against any predator. Installing a pond scarecrow next to your water feature will do its magic. This is the most popular way to deal with Heron invasions. Other than that, you can use a pond net to protect your fish.

Pond Predators – Raccoons, Foxes, and Cats

The cuteness of this small and adorable mammal can be deceiving. Many people keep raccoons as pets, others overlook them walking around their backyards at night. However, the

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A raccoon is yet another pond predator that will endanger the wellbeing of Koi and other Pond fish. Therefore, if you notice the fish count has dropped overnight, then you may have a Raccoon problem. Often domestic

or wild cats and even foxes are lurking around people’s gardens. They can be pond predators at night as well.

How do you keep your fish safe from cats, foxes, and raccoons?

Using a Pond Net to protect from raccoons, cats, or other fish-stealing stalkers native to your location is one way go.

Aside from netting, motion sensors and alarms can be convenient and set off if any critter is roaming your garden and endangering your fish pond.

Fencing the sides of your pond is also a great way to protect your pond from undesirable predators dipping their paws or jaws into your pond and fishing.


*Putting up a fence around your pond is also a good way to limit the access of small children to the pond and prevent them from falling in the water.

The other however applies to all fish-hungry creatures. This would be to build your pond with safety zones for your fish and add aquatic plants that will give your fish a hideout.

At Mr. Fish, as pond designers and constructors we always advise that ponds and water gardens be equipped with such safety zones for fish. Pond design always has to be natural and eco-friendly. A more natural water feature will give your aquatic creatures the opportunity to thrive and grow in a space that is similar to their true habitat.