What Can You Use to Kill The Weeds Next to Your Pond Without Harming Your Fish?

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In opposite to what many people will tell you, you can kill the weeds next to your pond without harming the fish. However, you must be very careful what and where you spray. Whether you have a Koi fish Pond, a Water Lily Pond, or a Water Garden, you can control what grows and what doesn’t around them.

What can I use to kill weeds next to a pond without harming the fish?

small-lily-pond-mr-fish-laThis is a battle you can win if you keep few things in mind. You do not use pesticide, it kills animals in general. You do not use fungicide – it cures plants in general.

The chemical that will kill your weeds is called herbicide. How does an herbicide work? It goes through the leaf all the way to the root, necrotizing the sprayed plant’s root system. Yes, an herbicide will kill everything you spray it on, that is why you have to be careful with how you do it.

How do you choose the right herbicide to kill the weeds around the pond?

There are two main types of herbicides: those that kill everything green and the ones that kill only specific cultures. So depending on what you have in the garden is how you choose your herbicide.

Another important note you should consider is the way it kills the plants. It can either necrotize the root system or simply destroy the chlorophyll, after which the plant withers. You can always ask in the hydroponics store which herbicide you should use when you have a specific combination of plants in your garden.

How do we use the herbicide to kill only what its supposed to?

pond maintenance, pond protection, weeds puller, pond cleaning, chemicals and pondsIn short- by limiting its area of effect. When you use it you can cover the sprayer’s nozzle with something that limits its range, or use a specific nozzle with a small diameter. In any case, do not spray the soil directly because it will not work. Spray the leaves of the weeds that you want to get rid of.

How do you protect your pond’s water and fish from the herbicide?

Cover the pond with plastic while you spray to make sure the wind does not blow some of the chemicals in the water.

Carefully spray the herbicide around the ponds edge targeting the leaves of the weeds from up close.

The herbicide needs its time to take effect. After that all that is left for you to do is to wait for it to happen. Just clean up the dead weeds afterwards and you will be set to enjoy a weedless break next to your Fish Pond or Water Garden.