Which Aquatic Plants Can I Have In My Garden Fountain?

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If you have ever wondered can you plant a garden fountain, the answer is yes, you can! As a matter of fact, planted fountains can be just as or even more amazing. They won’t increase the fountain’s maintenance needs that much, and in some cases even lower it.

Which Aquatic Plants Can I Have In My Garden Fountain?

Many aquatic plants can be grown in the fountain and transform it into a more natural water feature. The plants for garden fountains can be shallow, deep, blooming above water or floating ones, and all have their individual charm.

Decorating your garden fountain with aquatic plants will completely change its appearance. If you are tired of the way yours looks right now, here is a list of 10 beautiful aquatic plants you can be planted in your fountain, depending on its size.

Medium to Large Fountains

Medium and Large Fountains with deep and bigger basins are fairly easy to plant. The dimensions of such fountains will allow you to choose from a wider range of aquatic plants and play with their arrangement.

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If you are wondering how to start planting your fountain and which aquatic plants to use, your best choice will be the Water Hyacinths. These vividly colored aquatic plants grow their flowers above water level. They are fairly easy to maintain and are a great addition to any medium or large fountain. One more benefit besides their beauty is that they will reduce the algae growth. They grow up to 26″ of height. The Water Hyacinth does not require soil to grow.

water lettuce, pond plants, aquatic plants, fountain decorations, planted fountains
Water Lettuce. Image courtesy of
M. Riza

Water Lettuce is another plant that will thrive in medium or larger fountains. Their green beauty and small white blooms will quickly take over the water’s surface. Water Lettuce does not require a lot of maintenance, but since it is a fast grower, you may want to keep it under control if you want to limit the area it will cover. They grow up to 10″ in height and do not require soil to grow.

water lilies, water lily ponds, fountain decoration, aquatic plants, planted fountains, tropical water lilies, hardy water lily, pink water lilyWater Lilies are another aquatic plant that will win over your heart with mesmerizing blooms. With the proper care, you can enjoy the beautiful array of charming colors and fresh fragrance almost all year long. However, if you plant them in your Water fountain, avoid doing so right under the splashing water

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Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Another amazing choice for bigger outdoor fountains is the Orontium aquaticum, also known as the Golden Club. According to the “Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants”, this unique plant will bloom for you from winter to spring, unlike many other plants. Its large green leaves and yellow (golden) club flowers make it a one-of-a-kind aquatic plant. The Golden Club will bloom above or on the surface of the water. Seemingly it can coexist with Water Lilies. They grow up to 1 ‘.

red star ludwigia, aquatic plants,pond plants, fountain plants, water gardens
Red Star Ludwigia Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Red Star Ludwigia is another plant suitable for big fountains, but harder to control. Only 10% of this aquatic plant will be above surface level, while 90% will quickly creep along the whole fountain under water. The reason you have to be careful with this one is it can grow right inside your pump and burn it up. Although this sounds bad, you can still control its growth and enjoy the beautiful velvet red aquatic plant. They grow up to 10″ of height.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Lobelia Cardinalis, also known as the Cardinal Plant, is another great choice for larger fountains, adding height and color. They bloom above the water’s surface with gentle red flowers. The Lobelia is fairly easy to maintain. Grows up to 36″ of height and has a “dwarf” version often planted in aquaria. They attract hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial wildlife. However, they are poisonous for humans if digested.

Small Fountains

Small fountains with plantable basins are best transformed with floating or potted petite plants. Plants usually take up a sizeable portion of the water’s surface, therefore your best choices are plants with smaller foliage size.

fairy moss, aquatic plants, pond plants, planted fountain, fountain decorations, azolla, water gardens, water plants
Fairy Moss ( Azolla) Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Fairy Moss is an easy to control aquatic plant that doesn’t need much surface and depth. Fairy moss has a charming light green color. This shallow growing aquatic plant will create a carpet-like cover on the surface. The fern-like leaves change their color according to the season and add to the natural feeling of the water feature. They grow up to 5″ and do not require soil to grow.

four leaf clover, invasive aquatic plants, aquatic plants, pond plants, water plants, fountain plants, fountain decoration, water gardens
Four Leaf Clover Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Another aquatic plant that will create a downy green carpet is the Four Leaf Clover. It is also easy to maintain and limit. It helps you keep the water cleaner by assimilating the nutrients, leaving none for the algae to feed on. They grow up to 4″. This aquatic plant is often chosen by the pond, water garden or fountain owners.

water poppy, water plants, aquatic plants, fountain plants, pond plants, water gardens
Water Poppy. Image Courtesy of
Doug Beckers

The Water Poppy is a great choice for all size fountains. This easy to maintain aquatic plant will float in the water, captivating you with its heart-shaped green leaves and elegant yellow petals. They grow up to 6″. In warmer climates, it will thrive throughout the whole year. Otherwise, it will bloom only during summer.

yellow flag, water iris, fountain plants,pond plants, fountain decoration, aquatic plants, water gardensThe Water Iris is an aquatic plant that needs only some 3 to 4″ of water, which makes it perfect for shallow fountains. Water Irises vary in colors and are easy to take care of. They thrive in warmer climates and are the first to bloom in spring. This aquatic plant is among the number one choices for all types of water features. If your winter happens to be colder than 55 degrees, you can take it inside and replant when temperatures are higher.

We hope our list was of help to you. Feel free to contact us regarding any of your water feature maintenance needs and construction projects. We will be thrilled to hear about your ideas!