Custom Aquariums

Posted by : Mr. Fish
7 years ago

Mr. Fish – Professional Aquarium Services

Here at Mr. Fish, we have been a leader in the water installations business in Southern California for over 40 years. Our dedication and persistence, as well as affinity to all things aquatic, has allowed us to maintain and develop a remarkable service.

Custom Aquarium Design and Installation

We offer the whole package and pay attention to the smallest detail. From an exquisite custom design to aquarium set up, professional fish selection, and aquarium maintenance and consultation. To create any vision that our clients may have, we offer both acrylic plastic and glass aquariums in an array of sizes and styles, filling them up with selected premium fish and decorations.

Mr. Fish Los Angeles Aquariums are uniquely designed to complement the architecture of your home or office while keeping your preferences in mind. Our close work with designers and architects allows us to bring your vision to life. The skilled and professional team at Mr. Fish makes sure your aquarium’s fabrication quality is beyond perfection and they take special care with its installation.

At Mr. Fish, we do our best to respond to the desires and needs of our clients. From freshwater and saltwater installations to natural or artificial reef aquariums, we can make it happen. Over the years we have set up a number of custom designed aquariums using only the best materials, and ensuring that your fish will feel as if they’re in their natural habitat.

Aquarium Maintenance, Products and Water Treatments

Mr. Fish has a 24-hour emergency aquarium service and routine maintenance, as well as premium products and water treatments. Our dedicated and personalized services ensure that your needs will be met beyond expectation.