Fish Selection

Posted by : Mr. Fish
7 years ago

Koi Fish and Goldfish

Koi fish are one of the most beautiful and colorful types of fish that no pond or water garden should be without. Unlike most other species, koi fish are very owner-friendly, and they can eat right out of your hand. They’re incredibly entertaining if you have children around, and they’re extremely beneficial to your pond and garden, as they can help get rid of insects and flies. Koi fish live relatively long, and you can take up the hobby of breeding and selling them. Here at Mr. Fish, we have koi fish of various colors and sizes that can enhance the appeal of just about any pond or water garden.

Similarly, we have a wide selection of goldfish, which contrary to popular belief, do not come in gold exclusively. Goldfish make for great pond pets and live long and happy lives in the right conditions.

So if you’re building a fish pond, and are looking at the options of fish that will thrive in a pond environment, koi and goldfish are a great solution. At Mr. Fish, we can help you build the fish pond, and ensure your fish are well taken care of. We work with professional landscape engineers and designers who help us design and construct beautiful and functional ponds with sophisticated water filtration systems.

Tropical Freshwater and Saltwater Fish

Mr. Fish has offered a wide range of exquisite freshwater aquarium and saltwater fish species since 1976. We’ve been in the industry for quite a while, and we stock numerous exotic species such as South American and African cichlids, which are one of the most spectacular freshwater aquarium fish. They come in a wide array of shapes and colors, and they can transform any aquarium into a work of art. Together with the angelfish, they’re the most commonly kept tropical freshwater fish.

If you need any help with deciding on the ideal fish species for your freshwater or saltwater aquarium, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Fish to get a consultation today.