Indoor and Garden Ponds

Posted by : Mr. Fish
7 years ago
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Mr. Fish Aquarium & Pond Services – 40+ Years of Experience in the Pond Industry

Since 1976, Mr. Fish has been California’s preferred pond caretaker. Our love for flora and fauna helps us bring nature’s beauty into our clients’ lives. Mr. Fish provides a full range of aquatic services. We specialize in installing, maintaining, remodeling and repairing ponds. We have a remarkable array of koi fish and maintain an ever-growing variety of aquatic plants.

Unlike most of our competitors, we raise and grow our own koi and aquatic plants. We are also a licensed seller of premium water treatment and fish care products. We only sell products that we use ourselves and we stand behind our promises. Unlike most other similar businesses, we know our stuff. Consultations, 24/7 emergency services, maintenance, and custom design make us the premier choice for your dream pond.

In-house Pond Design and Construction

Here at Mr.Fish, we take pride in bringing your dreams to life. We work with landscape contractors, pool builders, and architects to deliver superior and natural water features. We believe that custom pond designs are always a treat, and we love to expand our own knowledge and limits. Our team can design liner and structural concrete ponds, built both above and below ground, and exquisite waterfalls and streams created just for your personal space.

We dedicate our full attention to creating custom ponds that are beautiful and functional all at once. Our ponds are uniquely crafted to align with your vision. They are both environmentally friendly and structurally sturdy enough to withstand just about any reasonable force. We also like to build water features that include hiding areas for your koi, goldfish, and other pond fish and turtles, in a case of predators or stressful situations.

A Professional Selection of Koi Fish and Water Lilies

Koi fish ponds and water lily ponds are an incredible addition to every home and garden. Any pond can be made into a dream come true with our selection of koi fish. We also ensure that our clients have the exact size and type of plants needed for their fountain. At Mr. Fish, we have several prominent water gardens where our in-house water lilies are always displayed and available to add to your water feature.

At Mr. Fish, we also have a well maintained and cared for koi fish nursery. We even design biological filtration systems for the ponds we build. Our deep understanding of the nature of both koi fish and water lilies allows us to guarantee their first class treatment. ­

We can help you answer any questions that you may have about your indoor or garden pond. Such as: How do you know if your filter will be large enough for your pond, what is the right amount to feed koi fish, how do you properly keep koi fish alive during the winter, and how do you get your water lilies to bloom as you see in the magazines?

Please contact us with all your questions regarding pond and water gardens for quick and professional guidance. Let our team at Mr. Fish Aquarium & Pond Services be of service to you!