Water Gardens

Posted by : Mr. Fish
7 years ago

Mr. Fish – Building California’s Water Gardens Since 1976

At Mr. Fish, we are a one-stop shop for any and all water feature needs. Any dream can be turned into reality through a comprehensive design and professional installation. We have the capacity and know-how to take on even the most difficult of challenges. Waterfalls for jungle scenes, simulated rivers through a large ranch, or even a mega water garden to make your estate the envy of the neighborhood.

Water Garden Design and Construction

Intricate or simple, bleak or colorful, large or small. No job is too much for our dedicated team of professionals. Alongside us, there’s a whole array of structural designers, concrete builders, architects, landscape engineers, and developers. Our work speaks for itself. With 40+ years in the business, most of our clients are word of mouth, referred to us by friends and family that own or have experienced our creations firsthand.

We take pride in our ability to follow your visions when creating custom designs. From the moment we begin working on your fantasy waterfall and custom designed water garden, your word is our guide. We will help with everything, from blueprinting your ideas to nursing your beloved koi fish back to health.

Our Stream and water garden constructions are made quick and simple with enough staff and tools to take on every job. In the unfortunate event that something happens to your water feature, we provide 24-hour emergency services. Repairs, consultations, and after-installation maintenance are some of our most honored and time-tested promises.

Magical Water Gardens For Your Home

Imagine the beauty of a colorful garden in your home. A simple water garden with a few choice clovers and water iris plants makes a world of difference to a tired mind and exhausted eyes. At Mr. Fish, we grow our own water lilies, hyacinths, cannas and more that will look stunning with any water garden. Adding lava rocks can also give your waterfall more depth and add extra dimension to any stream.

Zen gardens often include a water feature. Water sounds are proven to have soothing effects on the mind and body. Yoga and meditation are best done near a stream, as the running water is said to draw away negative energy and leave one’s soul revitalized and purified. Try adding Koi fish to your water garden as they have been a symbol of peace and positive forces for millennia. They are connected to wisdom and progress through self-enlightenment. Most rehabilitation facilities are equipped with such water gardens and elaborate waterfalls in order to harness those properties of water’s majesty.