The Top 3 Benefits of Having a Water Fountain In Your Home

Just as any other water feature, the benefits of having a fountain in your home or garden are incredible. We cannot go without mentioning the pleasure one such water feature complements your home.

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7 years ago

Fountains, just like every other water feature, can be a great addition to your garden. They add a layer of elegance and personal pleasure to the landscape and bear a lot of benefits to your mental health and the environment around you. There’s something soothing about listening to water flow, and evidence of this is that Buddhist monks incorporated fountains, as well as other water features into their temple’s gardens. Without further ado, here are 5 benefits of incorporating a water fountain in your home.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Water Fountain In Your Home or Garden?


Soothing Water Sounds

As previously mentioned, there’s something soothing about listening to water flow. If you’re into meditation, meditating near a water fountain can help you reach new levels of calmness and serenity. The sound of water running is a natural psychological relaxant, and it can help people relax and even fall asleep. Moreover, listening to water running can reduce stress, as well as reduce all irritating sounds from traffic, barking dogs, conversations and other annoyances. 

Animals Love Fountains

If you’re a pet owner or a bird feeder, an outdoor fountain can be a great addition to your landscape. It gives the animals a freshwater source to drink water from and bathe in. Birds are typically not as attracted to standing water as much as they are to running water, so if you’re someone who loves their presence, a fountain can be a great way to lure them to your garden. Fountains that splash and trickle make audible noises which attract birds from a distance. Plus, pets can benefit greatly from a water fountain, especially during the warm summer months, giving them an infinite source of cool water.

A Breath of Creativity & Fresh Air

Fresh and humidified air is a huge benefit to having an indoor fountain. It can humidify a dry room, making it much more breathable, while also refreshing the polluted air and rejuvenating negative ions. This can make your home a healthier and more relaxing place to be. A simple water fountain, water garden or pond combined with aquatic plants will help balance your home and inspire creativity. The running water can help you build a sanctuary of positive energy.

It has been known for ages that water has proven benefits for both the body and soul. The sounds of running water have a soothing effect and can help you fight anxiety, nervous breakdowns, and even depression or insomnia. Many rehab facilities are equipped with water features, such as water gardens, fountains, and waterfalls. At Mr. Fish Los Angeles Aquarium and Pond Services, we understand the fundamentals of building nature-like water features and the benefits they bring. We will help you choose the best design for your personal space and ensure quality water garden, fountain, and pond construction work. 

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